The school’s registration website is now open! The registration process is in three steps:

  1. You pre-register before April 13th.
  2. Your registration is validated, which is notified to you by email.
  3. You can validate and pay for your registration.

Registration fees

The following fees apply depending on the category of participant:

  • Student: 400€
  • Academic: 480€
  • Industry: 550€

These fees are for housing in a twin room. Single rooms are available to all categories for an extra 50€.


  • The school can support a few discounted fees for students who would otherwise not be able to participate. Please get in touch with the organizers if you would like to claim it.
  • Participants may come accompanied, e.g. by their family. Please get in touch with the organizers for registering accompanying persons; they will be charged with the standard housing and catering fees of centre Paul Langevin, roughly corresponding to the academic fee.